Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer is here!!!

Hanging Watermelon

This hanging watermelon is perfect for the outside of the porch.
DIY kit $10 (this will come with everything you see except the paint.
Pre-made and ready for pick up
8 in wide x 12 in long  
 3 Foot Flag
What a great way to say how much you love this country that we live in, with this standing flag.
24 in wide x 3 feet long. (I am out of metal starts, so it will come with a wood star.) 
This comes pre-made but if you want to paint it yourself  the price is $20 
Painted by me and ready for you to bring home $26 

Hanging Flag 
DIY kit $10
Pre-made $16
 Three L's or Three B's blocks

DIY kit $9
Pre-made $15

 You can order it almost any color you like.
 Same price for the B's
4x4 blocks
  Hanging Uncle Sam

DIY kit $12
Pre-made and ready to hang $18
If ordering pre-made you can have a darker blue for the rim of the hat. 

Picture Frame

DIY kit $15
This really just involves you painting it and gluing the flower on. This frame comes already put together.
Pre-made $20

Order at
FB me at Wendy Thiriot Baldwin
text or call me  

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

More love...

Kisses 25 cents heart
Kisses are only 25 cents with this heart sign. This is a wood heart and it is painted on with a vinyl stencil. 
Comes in a diy kit, which comes with the wood heart and the vinyl. It can also come pre-made. Does not come with ribbon to hang it.
 DIY Kit  $16
Pre-made $22 

I "Chews" you gum ball machine
Tell that special someone that you chews them, with this gum ball machine. DIY kits and pre-made is available.

DIY Kit $12 
Pre-made $16  

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


 Love Jar
This wood mason jar comes in a diy kit with everything you see but the paint and glitter. You could also have it finished by me with everything you see and ready for your home.

DIY Kit $8
Pre-made $14   
 XOXO and Love Block
This xoxo block comes in a diy kit and a pre-made kit. 

DIY Kit $6
Pre-made $9
 Order at
FB me, Call or text.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

 Winter is almost over, but you can still order a wooden snowflake for next year. These are so cute to have on your front patio. This comes pre-made and can also come painted.

Not painted is $24
Painted is $28

Valentines Board w/ heart
 Valentines Day is right around the corner, add this to your Valentines Day decor. It can be painted in any color. This comes in a kit that you can take home or I can make it for you. It includes the wood that is already made, the vinyl of the heart and the word love. Easy to put together!!

DIY kit price $12
Pre-made price $16
Wooden Ladder
 I fell in love with these when I first saw them. The wooden ladder can be used to hold blankets, wreaths, signs and much more. This comes made and ready to be painted or I can paint it for you.

DIY price  $15
Painted by me $20
 This price is for the 6 feet tall one.
 XO Board
This fun little XO board would be great to decorate your home this Valentines Day. This comes in a kit or pre-made by me. You could change the background and make it black and white dots or stripes, or even add some hearts.

DIY kit price $15
Pre-made price $20 
If you have me paint it and want something different for the background the price may very.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Now that the Holidays are over???

 The last few month have just gone by so fast... I haven't posted to much but here is my latest project.

I love to have parties and with the parties, I need something to put all of the yummy food on. I am so in love with these fun food trays, hope you will be too.

The small one is 9x9 and it is about 8 in high

Finished and ready to be painted $15 

Painted and ready for your home $20
 The bigger one is 11x11 and about 10 inches high.

Finished and ready to be painted $20

Painted and ready for your home $25

 You can use this for anything! It makes a great fruit stand too!!!

Text, call or order at

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Halloween part two!!

So, I guess you can tell that I really love Halloween!? Here are a few more ideas from my house. Enjoy!!!

DIY $18
Pre-made $26
stands about 3 feet tall

There is magic in the air when 
pumpkins glow like moonlight sign
DIY $10
Pre-made $14

He is already made just ready to be painted.
DIY $18
Pre-painted $24

DIY $12
Pre-made $16
3 in wide per one and 5 in high

New in Home Decor

This is the latest that we have been working on, it's only taken us only the whole summer to get it finished and ready for all to see. Hope you enjoy it, I am using it in my home and loving it.
DIY $20
Pre-made $30